Ps Star PRO Pedicure Tools
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Podiatry and Pedicure tools


Our line of professional pedicure and podiatry tools are manufactured in High Grade Stainless Steel with Cobalt alloy and are easy to sterilize to ensure maximum safety. We know that ingrown toenails can be extremely painful and annoying, they are also the number one reason for visits to a professional, that’s why we have created a specialized line of ergonomic tools with hand-treated sharp to facilitate the removal of ingrown toenails in a safe and efficient way. In addition our professional tools will also facilitate your work in the removal of calluses and in the care of your feet.

At Ps Star Pedicure we understand your problems and have the perfect tool for you, we only offer exceptional quality products. Each tool has been carefully selected to ensure its effectiveness and durability, giving you the peace of mind of a accurate investment.

Buy now and experience the difference. Your feet and your customers will thank you.