Cuticle Nippers and Cuticle Scissors Cobalt PRO


Sharp Cuticle Nippers. New generation COBALT PRO, our World-renowned Cuticles Nippers of Japanese Steel with Cobalt Alloy now have their new line COBALT PRO, manufactured by our Steel Craftsmen, the Cobalto Pro line is composed of more durable and user-friendly modern tools, designed by Our professionals and manufactured for you.

Made of high performance Japanese Stainless Steel with Cobalt alloy, our COBALT PRO Cuticle Nippers are lighter, with greater durability and resistance, have a weight and diameter designed for ease of use and ergonomics, have springs and modern high strength joints, adjusted for professional use.

Craft Precision, our Cuticles Nippers COBALT PRO and Cuticle Scissors COBALT PRO have been sharpened by hand and in conjunction with its new alloy of Cobalt Steel, gives a perfect and more durable sharpening. The excellent alignment of its blades gives a smooth and precise cut.

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