Ps Star PRO Cuticle Scissors

Precision tools for an Impeccable Manicure

Perfect for Russian Manicure or Combined Manicure


Cuticle Scissors made of high performance Japanese Stainless Steel with Cobalt alloy, Our scissors are easy to use and comfortable to cut, perfect for regular manicure, Russian manicure or Combined manicure, Precision Craftsmanship hand sharpened to provide a perfect and lasting sharpness. The excellent alignment of the blades provides a precise, smooth and clean cut. They have an angle of inclination at the tip that facilitates the cutting of the cuticle. Perfect balance between cutting area thickness and sharpness level.

Russian manicure or combined manicure scissors that provide absolute control over the cut, our Cuticle Scissors are the ideal choice for those looking for Precision, Ease of Use and Sharpness.

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