Cuticle Nippers Ps Star PRO, provide Superior Results with unmatched quality for your nails. Perfection in every cut


Really sharp and easy to use Cuticle Nippers for Manicure and Pedicure. New Cobalt PRO generation, our worldwide known Japanese Steel Cuticle Nippers with Cobalt Alloy now belong to the new PRO generation. Manufactured by our craftsmen in high performance Japanese Stainless Steel with Cobalt alloy. The new Cobalt Pro line is composed of modern tools, sharper, more durable, easy to use and with excellent blade alignment. Our Cuticle Cutters are designed with you in mind, if you are a professional manicurist or pedicurist our tools should not be missing in your work table.

At Ps Star we value your satisfaction, we know that for a perfect professional level nail you need a tool that offers a smooth and precise cut of the cuticle, with our PRO Cuticle Cutter you will get all that and more. Find out why thousands of satisfied manicurists trust our PRO Cuticle Nippers for flawless hands.

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