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We are a company with 20 years of experience in the manufacture and marketing of tools for manicure, pedicure, nails files and beauty products, we have distribution in Europe and the Americas, our tools are designed with German technology and made of Japanese Steel in Alloys of Stainless Steel and Cobalt Steel which guarantees modern, durable products with unique characteristics.

Our blades are treated individually in each tool which guarantees a better and more durable Sharpening, our tweezers are manufactured with modern designs and the best materials to offer perfect weights and alignments, our nail files are manufactured for professionals with durable and resistant abrasives.

We help you create your best designs, It’s Perfect …

It’s Ps Star … !!!


About us

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20 years of Experience

All our experience achieved in the course of these years is in each of our products, directly associated with our quality.

The Best raw Material

Our products are manufactured with the Best Steels with alloys of cobalt or stainless steel, only the best for you.

Modern Products

Modern and ergonomic products with high performance, designed for nail care professionals, all at your fingertips.

only the best


Our main commitment is to manufacture the best and most modern products for professionals, using high quality raw materials, so that you can obtain a product with the highest industry standard, all our products have a sharpening and perfect adjustmentfit on your blades which ensures an exact cut with modern finishes and excellent quality.


Our sharpenig last 75% longer than other brands.


We have 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.


Your costs will be reduced by 40% with the duration of our tools.

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